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Diesel generator

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Diesel generator set is a kind of power generation equipment using diesel as the main fuel, diesel generators as a driving force to drive the generator (i.e. electric ball) generation, the power of the mechanical equipment of the kinetic energy is converted into electric energy and heat energy.

The generator is mainly divided into three parts: 1, diesel engine. 2, the generator (i.e. electric ball). 3, the controller. Subdivision: the base, the base oil tank, diesel engine, generator set (i.e. electric ball), the controller (the control effect, also play a protective role (unit), radiator cooling fan; water tank::), electrostatic speakers and other components.

According to the different needs of different areas, we put the generator set is divided into fixed and movable trailer, in order to reduce the noise emitted by generating set, reduce the impact of people's work and life, which help the designers to the generating unit with static sound box design, is the installation of a metal in generating unit outside the box, internal attachment sound-absorbing material, thereby generating units around protection, door is arranged on both sides of the box, convenient maintenance and control of the generating units of the people.

The static sound not only greatly reduced the generating units issued by the noise, but also can be placed outdoors, the box like a house, sun, rain, let people save no place to do computer trouble. Diesel generator set is divided into common units and standby generator sets, power is divided into common power and standby power.

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