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Six points should be paid attention

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Zhejiang Lianda Power Equipment Co., Ltd. for a brief six points on the diesel generator must pay attention to during the installation:

1, the installation site should be well ventilated, the generator terminal should have sufficient air inlet, diesel engine end should have a good outlet. The air outlet area should be more than 1.5 times the area above the water tank.

2, the installation of the surrounding should be kept clean, avoid placed in the vicinity can produce acid, alkali and other corrosive gases and steam items. Should be equipped with fire extinguishing device has the condition.

3, in the indoor use, must be conducted outside the exhaust pipe, pipe diameter must be out of the smoke pipe diameter ≥ silencer, elbow pipe is connected to more than 3, to ensure that the exhaust flow, and should the downward sloping 5-10 degrees, avoid rain water injection; if the exhaust pipe installed vertically, then must be equipped with rain cover.

4, based on the use of concrete, in the installation must use level the level, the base is fixed on the horizontal machine. Between the unit and the foundation shall have a special pad or the foot bolt.

5, the unit housing must be reliable grounding protection, a neutral directly grounding the generator on the need, it must be neutral grounding by professionals, and configure the lightning protection device, no grounding device using electricity for neutral directly grounding.

A two-way switch 6, generator and power must be very reliable, in case the inverse power transmission. Reliability of bidirectional switch must go through the inspection and approval of the local power supply department.

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