•      ZHEJIANG LIANDA POWER EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.,established in 2003, located in taizhou economic development zone of eastern coastal area of Zhejiang province, is a professional enterprise in the production of Marine generating unit, and also is one of the largest companies of industry in our province.

         Our Company factory building area is 17000 m2, owns eight 1250 kVA test benches, and which could test the generator set below 8000 kVA. Our company is reputable, with complete processing equipment, reliable design and technology, and complete inspection methods. Existing staff is 60 persons, including technology, qualityinspection personnel 10 persons. Our Company has passed the China classification society (CCS), bureau veritas (BV), American bureau of shipping (ABS).a Chinese fishing boat inspection bureau (ZY) type approval,and also obtained ISO9001:2000 certi-fication.The Marine diesel generating sets produces from our company mainly adopts VOLVO PENTA, Cummins.Zibo diesel engine, weichai power, yuchai, Mannheim and 135 series and various of domestic and international famous brand diesel engine and generator set, the products sell well all over the country, and exported to foreign countries. In order to ensure the quality of service,Our Company set up the sales and service offices in the main ports of coastal and the changjiang River,and highly Commended by our customers.

         Our Company unswervingly adhere to "quality first, users first" business purpose.Quality Control System is in good performance. At the same time, our company constantly working to improve the quality of the products,and strive to produce high quality, innovative and reliable products, sincerely to provide the users with good service of "pre-sale, sale, after-sales",to meet the requirement of the users.

        Our company wholeheartedly welcomes all customers from home and abroad!

  • ZiChai 210 series marine diesel GenSet

    ZiChai 210 series marine diesel GenSet

  • ZiChai 170 series marine diesel GenSet

    ZiChai 170 series marine diesel GenSet

  • Cummins series marine diesel GenSet

    Cummins series marine diesel GenSet

  • VOLVO PENTA series marine diesel GenSet

    VOLVO PENTA series marine diesel GenSet

  • ShangChai series marine diesel GenSet

    ShangChai series marine diesel GenSet

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